June 2023

Have you ever felt like you are dragging your feet and self through life’s hiccups and detours? As though you are desperately trying to keep your head above the waters? You are not alone: but our purpose is to live for much more than barely making it through. Jesus came so that we might have life and have it in abundance. The message translation says: “a more and better life than [we] ever dreamed of”. Habakkuk says, “The Lord is my strength, and He will make my feet like deer’s feet.” A deer is full of life and joy as they prance and skip around hills – God can do the same for us. This month, may your feet no longer be reluctantly dragged through life, and may God firmly plant your steps and make them full of life. As you place your trust in Him may you not slip or fall.

Have a Joyful June!

Stay blessed xx

May 2023

It’s easy to only rely on our senses to navigate the world, but that can be detrimental. If we allow our eyesight to dictate our moves we may end up avoiding situations intended to bless us or be led astray by our emotions. Thankfully, God has gone ahead of us: He sees and knows all. He makes provision in advance of our needs. So this month, make this declaration: I am not moved by what I see. I am not moved by what I feel. God will make all things beautiful for me.

May you have an immovable May!

Stay blessed,


An Amazing April

Life has numerous uncertainties which leave room for doubts to invade our thoughts. These may halt our progression and keep us in cycles. The human mind is narrow because it cannot fully grasp certain mysteries. Our finite minds cannot comprehend an infinite being: God. It’s okay to doubt, but it’s vital to cultivate a habit in which we also doubt our doubts. We do this by recalling our past experiences and relationship with God which quietens these doubts. Do not allow the voice of doubt to drown out the voice of God. The voice and promises of God can be trusted & relied on: He has a positive track record. As we draw near to God may His light & presence make our doubts grow dim.

Have an Amazing April! ✨

A Memorable March

We often think of Jesus as the storm whisperer who calms the waves and initiates peace but beware: he also stirs up storms. If you’re not currently in a storm, likely, you’re just leaving one or about to enter one – they are inevitable in life. However, storms aren’t all doom & gloom. In the story of Jonah, God sent a great wind which nearly caused a shipwreck. The purpose of the storm was to fetch Jonah back to God and his responsibility. Likewise, when we go astray or find ourselves drifting through the motions of life, God may allow a storm to be stirred up that redirects our focus and route towards Him. Essentially storms stimulate us to seek God. I pray that whatever storm you find yourselves in, you will allow it to stir within you the desire to seek God and refocus on what truly matters.

Have a Memorable March!

Stay blessed,

Dara x

Happy New Year

Before God gives you a hello, He gives you a goodbye. After arriving at a new beginning – 2023; our thoughts, minds & hearts may linger on the past year. “The enemy you see today you will see no more”; these are God’s words to His children as they leave Egypt (their past) and arrive at the Red Sea (verge of a new horizon). I don’t know what tried (or succeeded) in breaking you. I don’t know what has been bothering you or has held you down. Whatever it is, remember that God is a God of Exits; He makes way for you to enter a new season. I declare that your past will not trouble you anymore – It is your season of Hellos. With confidence, say Hello to peace, joy, victory, strength and hope because God has already said Goodbye to fear, shame, pain, sickness, depression and sadness in your life. The lows of 2022 will no longer distress you in 2023. May you experience the freedom that enables you to accomplish your goals and aspirations.

Happy New Year! 🎊

December 2022

‘the most wonderful time of the year ‘ has returned but what makes it so wonderful? – the end of a long year, quality family time or the general holiday spirit? What I love most is the heightened awareness of the title Emmanuel – God With Us. In the hustle & bustle of the next few weeks and days, one can easily fall into an overthinking, overwhelmed and overworked mode, but I urge you to linger in God’s presence. If you feel discouraged, He can lift & cheer you up. If you are exhausted, He can strengthen you. His presence can refill, replenish and refresh you. May you truly experience Emmanuel during this festive season!

Have a Delightful December!

Stay blessed,

Dara x

November 2022

As the months of 2022 pass by, you may have accumulated a few hiccups & heartaches and the weight of these cause your shoulders to drop. I remember this bible promise: Cast your cares on Jesus and He will sustain you. Picture this; as you pile your troubles & struggles on God, He carries the load and lifts the weight off your shoulder. We usually half-heartedly let God take these woe-filled backpacks; we want to help him out – but He doesn’t ask for that – He wants your trust. Trust that God will keep you standing tall and cross the finish line. May God give you strength, hope, courage and determination as you give him the heavy bag-packs of life. 

Have a Noticeably lighter November!

October 2022

Life sometimes feels like a series of unfortunate events. We have experiences that “take away from us” and leave us feeling depleted, disadvantaged or at a loss. I’m reminded of Joseph’s life which was anything but straightforward, however, the meaning of his name was manifested: he was promoted from the pits of life to a palace. Joseph aka Yosef in Hebrew means God will increase or God adds. So despite the losses you have experienced this year or in the past, I pray that God Yosefs in your life, causing your losses to be outnumbered by the wins.

Have an Outstanding October!

August 2022

In life, there are seasons we are to: “Be Still” and others to “GO”. Being still allows us to linger in God’s presence and experience His move in our lives. However, we often confuse the two seasons and remain stagnant. In an attempt to get all the answers before advancing, we end up settling; satisfied with crumbs when more blessings await us. Quit trying to figure out the whole picture and follow God’s leading even when you don’t have all the answers. May your obedience be rewarded.

Have an Amazing August!


July 2022

Welcome to the second half of 2022 and the month of my silver jubilee! Are you enjoying life or surviving? Days off are good; holidays are even better, but Jesus died so that we can have an abundant life irrespective of time & place. The enemy programmes us to think that the cup is half full or half empty but walking with God means the cup is overflowing. God desires to give us an abundant life in which we are thriving in addition to surviving. This month – I declare that unspeakable Joy is your testimony. May you experience God’s innumerable blessings in all areas of your life.

Have a Jolly July! ✨