A Memorable March

We often think of Jesus as the storm whisperer who calms the waves and initiates peace but beware: he also stirs up storms. If you’re not currently in a storm, likely, you’re just leaving one or about to enter one – they are inevitable in life. However, storms aren’t all doom & gloom. In the story of Jonah, God sent a great wind which nearly caused a shipwreck. The purpose of the storm was to fetch Jonah back to God and his responsibility. Likewise, when we go astray or find ourselves drifting through the motions of life, God may allow a storm to be stirred up that redirects our focus and route towards Him. Essentially storms stimulate us to seek God. I pray that whatever storm you find yourselves in, you will allow it to stir within you the desire to seek God and refocus on what truly matters.

Have a Memorable March!

Stay blessed,

Dara x


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