Exciting News for the The Undiluted Word Family

Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you for all the support I have received over the last five and a half years since God gave birth to The Undiluted Word. I appreciate each of you for always reading and encouraging me: I have learnt a lot, and I’ve grown from the young teenager who started writing to share her thoughts. I especially thank God for the privilege to be His vessel: sharing His light and love to all. My prayer is that we will all continue to grow from strength to strength and from glory to glory as we strive to deepen our relationship with God and be His living sacrifice.

So, back to the big news, a lot of my friends struggle to read and by that I mean unless it’s reading Instagram captions and text messages the last time they read something extensive was probably back in school (when it was compulsory). I recognised that this hindered a few from reading the blog posts, so God placed it on my heart to seek an alternative means of spreading His Word. Therefore, I present to you *insert drum roll* The Undiluted Word Podcast 🥳. I am excited to share with you all what the Lord has placed on my heart to share with His children. And before you start to ask – I am not abandoning blogging – I will still be regularly writing pieces (and hopefully more often than now).

Without further ado, feel free to check out the trailer – available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify (links below). There’s also a new instagram page for you to follow (@theundilutedword_)! Let me know your thoughts, Stay tuned for more.

Stay Blessed!


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