Stay High

High can be used to describe the feeling people get after smoking cannabis (weed). But I want to give a Quick disclaimer I’m not advising that everyone goes and gets high on drugs 😂😂 but there’s a different kind of High I want you to have perpetually.

Once again the words from Jonathan McReynold’s song: Stay High;

You can’t catch a bird while it’s flying in the air

No, you gotta wait till it comes to the ground

And you can’t stop a saint while they’re in full flight

No, the devil’s gotta wait till we come down

So I’ll Stay High,

I ain’t coming down for no reason, I’ll be reading my word,

I ain’t coming down for no satan, I’ll be praying to my Lord,

I ain’t coming down for no sinning, while I’m living for my God,

I ain’t coming down for nobody, no I’ll just Stay High

High High High

I really love the words to this song, I’ve inserted the full song below for you to listen to after.

An important phrase that stuck with me is “You can’t stop a Saint while they’re in full flight”,  later on in the song Jonathan says “We’ve all got targets on our backs”As Christians endeavouring to live a life worthy enough to be called children of God, we acquire an enemy :  The devil.  The devil has set targets on our back and will not allow us to rest, the scripture reminds us to “Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.” (1 Peter 5:8) 

Although Lions are believed to be the King of the jungle, they are by no means the best hunters. I’m sure at one point you’ve watched a nature programme in which a Lion is chasing after it’s prey. Lions tend to attack sick, young or straggling animals; their victims are the animals who are either alone or not alertSo what does this mean for you and me, Peter warns us to watch out for the devil when we are suffering, low, “down in the dumps”, or persecuted. If you are feeling alone, weak, helpless and cut off from other believers or if you are one of those people that are so focused on their troubles that you forget to watch out for danger you are especially vulnerable to the devil’s attacks. He will set a target on you as his next prey. During the times of suffering it is vital to seek other Christians for support. The Word says “Keep your eye on Christ, and resist the devil. Then he will flee from you”(James 4:7)

So back to the lyrics of the song. A bird cannot be caught while it is in the sky, the hunter needs to shoot it before it can be caught on ground. Similarly, as a christian being in a high position is essential to being out of Satan’s reach.  Of course it’s impossible for us as humans to be physically in the air but we can be in a High state. This state involves being positive, full of hope, it is a euphoric state induced not by alcohol or drugs but by keeping our focus on Christ.

There are 3 ways in which we can Stay High:

  1. Reading the Word
  2. Praying to our Lord
  3. Living for God

In the midst of our personal storms, we eventually come to the realisation that God is our only Salvation. The Psalmist reminds us that those who hope in the Lord will be strengthened and Isaiah tells us that our strength will be renewed. [We] shall sour on wings like eagles, {We will] run and not grow weary, [We will] walk and not feel faint ( 40:31)  Let’s put it all together now, In order to Stay High we need to remain strengthened because that’s how we will sour like eagles and remain out of satan’s reach.

Hope : a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen.

Waiting upon the Lord is expecting His promised strength to help us rise above life’s distractions and difficulties [aka Stay High]. Listening attentively to God by reading His Word helps us to be ready for times when He speaks to us, be patient when He asks us to wait and trust Him to fulfil the promises found in His Word. Satan only tries to distract us from this Hope in order to knock us down and out.

I pray that your strength shall be continually renewed as you hope in the Lord. May the Lord show himself onto you in a way he has never done before, and despite the distractions in life you will always remember to Stay High out of the Devil’s reach.

Stay Blessed and enjoy the song below,

Dara xx

P.S – Feel free to send in your prayer requests via this online form and I shall keep you in my prayers

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