December 2020

These words summarise this rollercoaster year: “Trouble comes from every side but we are not consumed. We’re buried by the cares of this world but we are not consumed”. No matter what you may have faced in the last few months may you be comforted by the words “BUT NOT consumed”. The fact that you are alive is a reason to testify – God has kept your head above the water. Wherever God leaves life, He leaves Hope. In this month; expect the unexpected and count your blessings.

Have a delightful December!


Happy New Month – December

It’s easy to fall into the trap of dwelling on the setbacks, nasty surprises, “unanswered prayers” and missed opportunities of the past year but the devil uses this to keep us in a bottomless pit of despair. Joseph’s brothers sentenced him to a pit but at the end of his numerous detours he was able to say “you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good”(Gen 50:20). Reflect on the year, think about the “but God” moments and count the numerous blessings you’ve experienced; as this gives hope for the future. If you haven’t experienced one yet I pray that you experience a “But God” in your circumstances/life. Have a Delightful December! x

Happy New Month – December 

I saw this a while go and loved it so I wanted to share; “If God can move you from January to December. He’ll surely move you from Shame to fame, insults to results, sorry to glory, disgrace to grace, labour to favour, mockery to victory and raise you from glory to glory.” As you have stepped into the last month of 2015 my prayer is that you will see the last day of this year and the start of 2016. May the Lord guide and protect you in the remaining days of this year. Have a Delightful December!